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Hartley and Longfield Domestic House Cleaning Services

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Full-Service Residential Cleaning in Hartley and Longfield

At Hartley and Longfield Domestic Cleaners, we offer a range of residential cleaning services that will be fully adapted to your home and preferences.

We work in a methodical cleaning system that ensures everything in your home is cleaned thoroughly. We work hard to get as much done as possible in the allotted time you have chosen for cleaning.

Your house will be cleaned by a friendly and polite cleaner with years of cleaning experience (both domestic and commercial). You will be listened to and we will treat your home as if it were our own. Please view Our References page.

Our Services


What's Included

In every room, we will dust, polish, wipe down the windows, clean the floors, and empty the bins.

We thoroughly clean your kitchen and bathroom/s. We can also do ironing and laundry and change sheets and make beds.

Feel free to request any extra services.


How it Works

First, get in touch with us either by ringing us up, texting or emailing, filling out the contact form, or using ChatBot.

Please provide your name, your address and telephone number, and the number of cleaning hours per week/fortnight you require.

We will get back to you as soon as we can and arrange a date and time to meet and review exactly what you need.


Services & Pricing

We charge £12.50 per hour.

Depending on the condition of your home, we may charge more for the first clean.

As this is a private domestic cleaning, we do not need to add to the price per hour or charge an agency fee.

Below are the services we offer.

What You Can Expect From Us

Trusted & Experienced

With years of experience, we have cleaned many homes. You can rest assured that your home is in good hands. You can request to view our references.

Reliable & Fully Insured

You can count on us to be reliable and fully insured. However, for your peace of mind, feel free to request a copy of our public liability insurance.

No Contracts

At Hartley and Longfield Domestic Cleaners, there is no need for a contract. You can cancel your cleaning services anytime. We also recommend trying a trial period of our cleaning services.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You can be confident that you will receive the best cleaning services that we can offer. Our professional Hartley and Longfield residential cleaning services have left many of our customers beaming! You can enjoy your beautifully cleaned house without the hassle of cleaning yourself.

Our Services

Dusting in every room

The amount of dust that collects in and around the house every day is unbelievable. There are many benefits to regularly dusting, especially if you have allergies or breathing problems

Polishing in every room

Polishing can revive furniture and make your metal shine. It can also prolong the life of furniture

Wiping down windows in every room

There are many benefits of cleaning windows. It keeps your windows in their best condition, it removes unsightly marks and smudges, and it ensures the maximum amount of light and warmth is let in to your home

Floor cleaning in every room

 Vacuuming carpets. Vacuuming hard floors and then mopping them

Full kitchen cleaning

Wiping down cupboards, cleaning sinks and removing limescale, sanitising countertops, wiping down appliances, and doing the washing up/loading and emptying the dishwasher

Full bathroom cleaning

Cleaning and sanitising toilets, cleaning tiles, wiping down cupboards, cleaning mirrors, cleaning and removing limescale from showers and bathtubs

Emptying bins in every room

Cleaning the bins and taking the rubbish out

Ironing and laundry

If you have some extra laundry or ironing piling up, we can save you some extra work and get it all done

Changing sheets and making beds

You can opt to get your sheets changed with every clean or otherwise. We can neatly make your bed, allowing you to come home to a clean, neat house!



How much do domestic cleaners in Hartley and Longfield charge per hour?

The average hourly domestic cleaning rate goes from £12 to £20 in the UK. Prices differ from area to area. For example, London and surrounding areas will often have a higher domestic cleaning hourly rate compared to places further up north in England.

Here at Hartley and Longfield Domestic Cleaning, we charge a fair rate of £12.50 per hour.

What does a domestic cleaner do?

We’ve listed above all the duties a domestic cleaner would normally do. We also offer additional services such as tidying up, folding and putting away washing, polishing silver or brass, and cleaning delicate objects such as ornaments. Feel free to request any additional services you may require and we will consider them.

What does a domestic cleaner not do?

There are many things domestic cleaners do not typically do such as running personal errands, going grocery shopping, walking the dog, looking after children, cooking or preparing meals, cleaning up animal or human discharge, lifting very heavy objects, climbing on chairs, countertops, and reaching to clean tall windows, and unblocking toilets. 

How often should house cleaning be done?

Keeping your house clean and tidy is not only good for your physical health but your mental and emotional health as well. 

Different areas of your home require more or less frequent cleans than other areas. For example, it is said that you should clean your toilet at least once a week. Regular cleans will not only prevent dirt, grime, mould, and dust from building up but also keep your home and possessions in their best possible condition. 

It is completely up to you, however, how often you want your home cleaned.

What insurance does a domestic cleaner in Hartley and Longfield need?

All domestic cleaners require public liability insurance. We will alway show a copy of our insurance to the client before starting any cleaning work.

You, personally, don’t need any insurance to hire a domestic cleaner.

Domestic cleaners and covid

The COVID-19 virus still isn’t over. Here at Hartley and Longfield Domestic Cleaners, we believe in being as healthy and safety-conscious as possible.

Whenever we come in contact with a customer we will be masked and social distancing.

If a customer tests positive for the virus or has any symptoms we would ask them to let us know as soon as possible. 

If we test possible or have any symptoms, we will not visit your home to clean even if you are out of the house.

Do we provide the cleaning supplies and equipment?

We can provide our own cleaning supplies and equipment. However, if you do have and you are happy to let us use them, then we will.

It would be better if you could supply the vacuum and mop as using the same vacuum and mop for a number of different houses can be unhygienic. 

Do you have to be in when we are cleaning?

At the moment, we are preferring to take jobs where the client is out of the house whilst we work. We ask that you please provide a key or a secure way into your home. We can discuss more on the review visit where we meet you. If it is not possible for your home to be empty whilst we work, don’t worry!

Are we pet-friendly?

100%! Here at Hartley and Longfield Domestic Cleaning Services, we are very pet-friendly. In fact, we are a little dog-crazy so if you have a dog, even better we say!

What we charge per hour

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