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Hartley and Longfield Gutter Cleaners can remove debris, moss and plants growing in your down pipes, if you have damp showing at the top of your walls or ceilings then it is wise to eliminate a full gutter as the cause. We use the Reach and Vacuum Gutter Cleaning method, enabling us to access guttering up to the 4th floor.

Hartley and Longfield gutter cleaners are able to clean school guttering, office guttering, and whole blocks of flats guttering and retail park gutters, there is no limit to the kind of building we can clean.

Methods of Gutter Cleaning in Hartley and Longfield

We have a small wireless camera that sits at the top of the gutter cleaning pole, so we can make sure that the gutters are completely emptied plus we can view inside the down pipe as well, of course we would be happy to show you your clean gutters using this method. Hartley and Longfield gutter cleaners are also able to access and clean gutters above your conservatory, these probably would be missed, you know that ladders are unsafe so it gives you peace of mind that nobody will fall and injure themselves.

​It is normally quite a messy job cleaning out gutters, but using this method all the debris and moss removed is sucked straight into the Vacuum, no mess. We will be more than happy to provide you with a no obligation quote to clean out your gutters and repair any leaky joints.

So drop Hartley and Longfield Gutter Cleaners a line and hopefully we will be able to help. Fill out the box below or text your address to 07791 465052. Contact Mike on reachnwash@gmail.com

Gutter cleaning has become easier and safer for Hartley and Longfield, a new gutter vac has been developed, a wet and dry powerful vac attached to a 42ft pole can suck out all the debris in your gutters, again this is a much safer method and more efficient.

How do you clean the gutter above your conservatory or extension? Plus we all know that it makes sense to spend a little each year maintaing your gutters than a small fortune repairing damp walls and broken guttering.

I have recently purchased a wireless camera that sits on top of the pole and gives me a view of the inside of the guttering, this enables me to ensure that the guttering is completely free of any debris. I can also look into the down pipes and check for loose roof tiles and repairs to the guttering that may be needed. And if you want a video or picture I can provide that, giving you peace of mind.

Quoting for our window, gutter or solar panel cleaning service is quick and painless, call 01474 773350 and leave your name and address, or text your full address to 07791 465052 or simply fill out the form.

Hartley & Longfield gutter cleaners cover New Barn, Southfleet, South Darenth, Longfield Hill, Meopham, Hartley, Longfield, Fawkham, Fawkham Green, Sutton at Hone and Hawley. Contact Mike on reachnwash@gmail.com

Other Services include Roof Moss Removal and Clean

Frequently Asked Questions


How high can we reach?

At the moment up to the 4th floor.

How often should I clean my gutters?

Its recommended that you have your gutters cleaned at least once a year to keep them in free flowing. We can also clean your fascia boards if needed whilst we are on site.

Can you show me they gutters have been cleaned properly?

If you require a video of your gutters being cleared out there is a small fee, or two images before and after, we can email this to you. (watch the short video below)

Our business is clearing and cleaning gutters. We also carry out repairs to your gutters. If you would like us to quote for any gutter clearing then please call us or fill out the form, or text 07791 465052

What areas do we cover?

Hartley & Longfield gutter cleaners cover all the surrounding towns Hartley, Longfield, New Barn, Fawkham, New Ash Green and will travel further afield for commercial gutter cleaning jobs. Hartley & Longfield Gutter Cleaners. See and add a review on Google my business.

Hartley and Longfield gutter cleaning service

“We can reach and wash gutters that other gutter cleaners cannot reach”



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